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About the start of Study Institute for Historical Controversy

Chairman, Seishiro Sugihara

Today, in the 21st century, a war of controversy over another country’s history should never be allowed essentially. However, Japan has been subject to groundless war on history staged by other countries and history of Japan has been unreasonably degraded.

Moreover, presently in the 21st century, there still exist states that are totally dominated by a single party or family. In such states, a dictatorial party or family tries to maintain its absolute rule, harshly oppressing the people’s human rights domestically, and incessantly carrying out the policy of expansion and enlargement internationally to have the people realize the value of the despotic rule. They disrupt international order without limit. Therefore, any state ruled by a single party or family is an entity totally impermissible in the 21st century. In carrying out its policy of expansion and enlargement, such state not only uses military forces but also stages historical, legal and psychological warfare.

On September 10, 2013, the People’s Campaign for the Truth of Comfort Women was organized, unifying various bodies which had been individually fighting to resolve the issue of comfort women. In July 2014, this organization sent its first research delegation to the United Nations in Geneva. In July 2015, the organization made a speech at the United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women for the first time.

In the first place, words “sex slaves” referring to comfort women were first used when a certain Japanese lawyer said that comfort women were “sex slaves” during his speech at the United Nations in 1992. Had there been an organization like this at the time and had a delegation been sent to the United Nations to immediately protest and counterargue against the lawyer’s speech, the idea of identifying comfort women with sex slaves would have never been conceived nor disseminated to the world. The movement of building statues of comfort women all over the world on the part of Korea would have never taken place.

Through this bitter experience, we have learned how important it is to disseminate historical controversy to the world. We have started this study institute to disseminate historical controversy to the world from the standpoint of Japan, to protect Japan from groundless criticism against our history and cope with the boundless warfare over history. We are firmly determined to play a vital role in this endeavor. 

January 2019

                      Dean YAMASHITA Eiji


The primary aim of our institute is to do away with the victors’ view of history as claimed by the Allied Nations (the view of history based on the Tokyo Trials and General Headquarters’), which has long been held since the end of World War II, and to disseminate, both domestically and overseas, our country’s historical views based on objective, historical facts.

For this purpose, we will carry out functions necessary as a think tank, to inquire and research, and actively address historical controversies with other countries all over the world. Major arenas for such historical controversies are the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) and committees founded on various international treaties and conventions. In fact, in such arenas, Comments and statements debasing Japan and extremely injurious to Japanese society are made. The purpose of our activities, then is to halt such a campaign of slander against Japan. In this sense, this is the field where we are bound to be responsive and passive.

Another area that we will engage includes international organizations and international academic societies, where we will actively take initiative in presenting and showing our historical recognition which will overturn the conventional, victors’ view of history. In December 2018, we reported on the one-hundredth anniversary of Japan’s proposal for the elimination of racial discrimination during a large-scale international symposium, “One Hundred and Fiftieth Anniversary of the Meiji Restoration,” held at Tel Aviv University under the auspices of the Israeli Academy for Japanese Study (IAJS). Our report entirely overturned the conventional, victors’ view of history. In August 2018, before the founding of our institute, just prior to an investigation regarding Japan by the Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD) of the United Nations, we made a speech on this very subject, once again overturning the victors’ view of history, at a meeting held at the Palais Wilson in Geneva. Thus, we have already started our campaign to actively spread our view, the correct view, of history.

In addition to addressing historical controversies, we will actively disseminate information worldwide in order to defend the honor and dignity of Japan, the Japanese people and Japanese tradition. Finally, whenever necessity arises, we will actively monitor the media at home and abroad for blatant distortions of history.