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NGO Speech “The Issue of the Mobilized Workers” on 52nd UN Human Rights Cousil

iRICH speeched through video about Mobilized Workers issue at Mar 17 2023 on 52nd UN Human Rights Coucil. Speech made by iRICH cooperated with Japanese Society for History Textbook.

The Issue of the Mobilized Workers

Thank you, chair person.

The Republic of Korea’s Supreme Court ordered Japanese companies to individually compensate Korean victims, based on its ruling that “Japanese companies forcibly mobilized Koreans and made them slave-like labors during World War II.”

However, at that time, the so-called Korean victims were citizens of Japan and it was legal to mobilize them, and so they were not “slave labors”.

Moreover, the 1965 Agreement between Japan and the ROK concluded issues as “finally and completely resolved” including individual claims.

Today, there is neither legal nor moral responsibility for compensation on the part of the Japanese companies.

In response, ROK unilaterally abandoned an agreement, seized Japanese companies’ assets and is trying to cash them so that the money can be used as “compensation”.

These not only violate international law but also constitute a threat to Japanese national security.

We strongly request that this council warn the ROK not to deprive Japanese companies of their assets in ROK based on an unreasonable court ruling.

Thank you.

52nd regular session of the Human Rights Council (27 February 2023 – 18 April 2023)
17 Mar 2023
Item:3 General Debate (Cont’d) – 32nd meeting, 52nd Regular Session of Human Rights Council
1:44:50 Japan Society for History Textbook