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Author: Kim Byung-heon, President of the Korean History Textbook Research Institute
Translate Japanese: Fujiko Miyamoto
    English  : Society for the Dissemination of Historical Fact


The author of this paper, Mr. Kim Byung-heon, is a specialist in Korean history. Having completed the doctorate course in Chinese literature at Sungkyukwan University, he now tackles the issue of comfort women as the President of the Korean History Textbook Research Institute.

He felt so indignant morally at the outrageously distorted theory of “forced abduction of Korean women by the Japanese Government,” claimed by former comfort women and their supporters, that he held a press interview condemning various lies about the comfort women issue in front of the Japanese Embassy in Seoul in December 2019.

Since then, in protest against the “Wednesday demonstrations” praising comfort women, held by the Korean Council for Justice and Remembrance (formerly, the Korean Council for the Women Drafted for Military Sexual Slavery) in front of the premises of the Japanese Embassy in Seoul, he bravely held “anti-comfort women supporters” demonstrations at the same site and continuously condemned lies related to the comfort women issue. His activities are not limited within Korea, he also flew to Berlin with his companions in June last year and protested against the Mitte District Assembly that had permitted the establishment of a comfort women statue in the district and held a rally in front of the erected statue, revealing lies of the comfort women issue to Berlin citizens.

His cooperative efforts with us at the International Research Institute of Controversial Histories (iRICH) and other Japanese groups searching for the truth about the “comfort women issue” are well under way. In August last year, we went to Nagoya, Japan, where the “Non-Freedom of Expression Exhibit” was being held and resolutely protested against it with members of “Nadeshiko Japan.”

In addition, in November last year, Mr. Kim participated in the Japan-Korea Joint Symposium to refute the lies about the comfort women issue, organized by the iRICH in Tokyo, and condemned the lies included in Korean history textbooks.

The Joint Symposium was held for the second time in Seoul in September this year. Representing Korea, Mr. Kim Byung-heon took the platform together with former Professor Ji Seokchoon of Yonsei University and Mr. Lee Wooyeon of Naksungdae Institute of Economic Research and described specific distortions and fabrications about the comfort women in Korean elementary and middle school textbooks and decisively criticized them.

This paper is a concise summary of Mr. Kim Byung-heon’s assertions, covering the important points regarding the comfort women issue, perfectly refuting assertions made by former comfort women and leftist civil groups, in extremely logical and precise manner.

The English and Japanese translations of this paper have been posted by the Society for the Dissemination of Historical Fact (SDHF)

Article : Japanese / English

Author:Jason Morgan(Associate Professor, Reitaku University)

Profile :

Jason Morgan is associate professor at Reitaku University in Kashiwa. The book under review in this essay, Making of the Rape of Nanking: A Big Lie from World War II, by M. Kanzako and Akira Kashima, was introduced to him by some members of Toronto Seiron.

Source:A Massacre in the Making: Separating Truth from Fiction about Nanking (Substack)

Translate:Tomoko Hifumi(Senior Researcher, iRICH)


The totally unrealistic demagoguery that 300,000 persons were massacred in Nanjing has been disseminated and believed to be true. Mr. Morgan’s paper “A Massacre in the Making: Separating Truth from Fiction about Nanking -- Think through the evidence for yourself” has elaborately studied the background of the Nanjing Incident (Nanking Fiction), which has been told and believed through one-sided and biased information in English, introducing many documents in Japanese written by Japanese scholars. Among them, Primary Historical Sources Reveal the Truth about the Nanjing Incident, Unravelling the spell of American missionaries’ view of history by Ikeda Haruka (2020, Tenden-sha) is a decisive writing, revealing that the American missionaries who established the Safety Zone and the International Committee in Nanjing with the true purpose of supporting and protecting the Chinese Army were the original disseminators of the Nanjing Incident. Controversies over the “Nanjing Incident” have been finally settled. The Japanese people should know more about the truth about the Nanjing Incident revealed by Ikeda and the fact that the American scholar introduced it in English.