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Author:Jason Morgan(Associate Professor, Reitaku University)

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Jason Morgan is associate professor at Reitaku University in Kashiwa. The book under review in this essay, Making of the Rape of Nanking: A Big Lie from World War II, by M. Kanzako and Akira Kashima, was introduced to him by some members of Toronto Seiron.

Source:A Massacre in the Making: Separating Truth from Fiction about Nanking (Substack)

Translate:Tomoko Hifumi(Senior Researcher, iRICH)


The totally unrealistic demagoguery that 300,000 persons were massacred in Nanjing has been disseminated and believed to be true. Mr. Morgan’s paper “A Massacre in the Making: Separating Truth from Fiction about Nanking -- Think through the evidence for yourself” has elaborately studied the background of the Nanjing Incident (Nanking Fiction), which has been told and believed through one-sided and biased information in English, introducing many documents in Japanese written by Japanese scholars. Among them, Primary Historical Sources Reveal the Truth about the Nanjing Incident, Unravelling the spell of American missionaries’ view of history by Ikeda Haruka (2020, Tenden-sha) is a decisive writing, revealing that the American missionaries who established the Safety Zone and the International Committee in Nanjing with the true purpose of supporting and protecting the Chinese Army were the original disseminators of the Nanjing Incident. Controversies over the “Nanjing Incident” have been finally settled. The Japanese people should know more about the truth about the Nanjing Incident revealed by Ikeda and the fact that the American scholar introduced it in English.