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NGO Speech “Infringement of Human Rights towards Japanese and Other Country People by People Republic of China Goverment”on 52nd United Nations Human Rights Council “Item4” Oral Statement

Thank you, Mr. President,

China has detained 10 Japanese businessmen on suspicion of espionage, but has not disclosed any details. This is hostage diplomacy and a clear violation of human rights.

Furthermore, China has obtained information from this Council in advance about NGOs that criticize China, and has threatened the families of those NGO members, which is a grave violation of human rights.

Last year’s the High Commissioner report on Uyghurs in China described serious abuses committed by China in Xinjiang, including massive arbitrary deprivations of liberty against Uyghurs and members of other Muslim minorities, as well as credible allegations of torture, sexual and gender-based violence.

Mr. President, have millions of Uyghurs committed any crimes?

Furthermore, in the China-Pakistani Economic Corridor, which China is developing in parts of Pakistan, the inhabitants are forcibly removed from the region, tortured and killed especially Baloch people, have been victimized of genocide as well.

Mr. President, have Baloch people committed any crimes?

The Human Rights Council has a mandate to courageously defend these vulnerable minorities, women and children.

We urge this Council to issue the following recommendations to the Chinese government.

1. Immediately release the 10 Japanese nationals and stop taking hostage for political purposes.

2. Immediately release all people held in concentration camps in Xinjiang.

3. Immediately stop the genocide being carried out in Balochistan with the complicity of China, Pakistan, and protect the human rights and lives of the people in the region.

Thank you for your attention, Mr. President

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52nd Regular Session of Human Rights Council

23 March 2023

Item:4 General Debate (Cont'd) - 39th meeting, 52nd Regular Session of Human Rights Council

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