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2022/April NGO Speeches and Statements on 49th Session of United Nations Human Rights Councils

UNHRC was held from Feb 28, 2022 to Apl 1 in Geneva. International Research Institute of Controversial Histories (iRICH) submitted statements in cooperation with The Japan Society for History Textbook Reform and International Career Support Association which are qualified as an international NGO.

Since NGOs were unable to participate in the event due to the coronavirus pandemic, the NGO remarks were sent as a video and shown in the assembly hall.

This is a joint opinion of the United Nations Special Consultative Status NGOs "The Japan Society for History Textbook Reform" and "International Career Support Association".

NGO Speeches

1) March 29, 2022 Item 9
Speaker Yoshiaki Yano

” Russian Federation and Ukraine ~ Protection of Noncombatants ”
We are deeply concerned about the present situation in which the Russian Federation and Ukraine—that have historically belonged to one nation —are exchanging fire.
No one can deny the fact, from the view of the international law, it is Russia that has been invading Ukraine.
Day after day, offensive and/or defensive powers have been injuring and killing innocent civilians and forcing a big population to leave their home for safety.
What we have been witnessing there is nothing but inexcusable, unmistakable infringements of human rights, including the right to life.
We strongly request Russia to abide by international rules.
And we also request both Russia and Ukraine to heed to protection of noncombatants to the utmost extent possible.

2) March 22 2022年 Item 4 
Speaker Yumiko Yamamoto

”Does animosity promote peace?”
In the USA, a little girl says, “Mom, why do my classmates hate me?” Japanese students are bullied at school.
In Germany, a student is insulted because his grandparents are Japanese.
In the Republic of Korea, a boy says to his Japanese mother, “Don’t come to my school. "
What is going on in the world?
Korean groups have been building “peace statues” both at home and abroad.
There are already more than140 of them and some are in the USA, Canada, Germany, and in Australia.
What does the statue stand for?
It is meant to symbolize hundreds of thousands of Korean women who were sexually enslaved as comfort women by the Japanese military during wartime.
Were they sexual slaves?
No, they were not. In fact, they were paid prostitutes who signed contracts with brothel owners.
Why do they keep building the statues?
Because they cannot accept what wrongs their ancestors had done for their daughters.
It is a state sponsored hate campaign.
Now, another one is going to be built in Philadelphia.
We sincerely ask this Council member states not to build one in your city.
We hope everyone in future generations to live NOT with animosity BUT with pride and wisdom.

Statements written and translated by iRICH.

1) Reject Unjustified Chinese Detention

2) Violations of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Articles 2 and 9, and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, by China

3) We request overturning the unjust decision adopted by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)

4) Secure Human Rights of Uighur Students Studying in Japan